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    General Information

    Registered Name: Three Oceans Seafood Distributors Namibia (Pty) Ltd
    Auditors: Ernest & Young Walvis Bay
    P.O Box 1452 Walvis Bay, Namibia
    Physical address: Number 31 on 12th Road Walvis Bay
    162 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek


    Three Oceans Seafood Distributors Namibia was registered in 2017 with the main purpose of trading in all fish species from Namibia waters. Namibia has a 1570km coast line, rich in marine life that can be caught sustainably when managed correctly. The fishing industry in Namibia contributes to
    • Job creation for Namibians
    • Value addition of our fish species
    • Social and economic responsibilities
    • Providing African landlocked countries with fish

    The fishing industry is currently the second largest industry in Namibia and is protected by the Ministry of Fisheries. Catches are regulated on a quota system that is managed by the ministry to ensure that all vessels in Namibia only catch what they are allowed to.
    Although Three Oceans trade in a variety of fish species we mainly trade in Horse mackerel. The
    Total Allowable Caches in Namibia or TAC for this species is
    • Horse Mackerel @ 340 000 metric tons per annum

    Sustainable fishing
    In a bid to mitigate this situation, the Government of Namibia and Norway together with FAO signed a cooperative programme agreement for the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAF) -Nansen Programme. The programme is aimed at addressing the multiple impacts of human activities that include overfishing and pollution on fish stocks and the marine environment in general to preserve the productivity of the oceans for the benefit of future generations.
    This commitment has ensured the Namibian fishing sector as a reliable long term partner. Three Oceans Seafood Distributors fully support sustainable fishing and also the vision of our honourable minister.

    Land Frozen
    Land frozen factories are being implemented and by the Ministry of Fisheries. In our National Development Plan it has been made clear that our quota structure will change to support land frozen horse mackerel. At the moment 30 % of all horse mackerel caught must be landed wet to be processed on land. By the end of 2019 this will change to 50 % and by 2022 70% of the whole horse mackerel quota must be processed on land.
    Land processed horse mackerel will be the future of Namibian horse mackerel. The move was made to create more job opportunities for Namibians as well as secure investments in Namibia.
    Generally the caching and possessing method is much different from sea frozen. Fish is caught with a RSW vessel and brought to land to be packaged and frozen. These factories make use of industrial blast freezers to freeze the product to -20 degrees Celsius. Once frozen the fish is ready to be dispatched to different markets in Africa.

    Land base partnership
    Three Oceans Seafood Distributors Namibia has gone into partnership with a land frozen factory in Namibia to ensure our future in horse mackerel. We fully comply with the move from sea frozen to land processed and support the vision of the Ministry of fisheries.
    As per our agreement with the land based factory Three Oceans has sole marketing rights for DRC and will soon offer our brand to this market. Mere Thompson is a brand registered under Three Oceans that was made for the Congolese marker.
    Mere Thompson can be packed and sold in 2 x 10kg or 3 x 10kg boxes, depending on what the client orders. The 10kg lines were modified to effectively distribute airflow to ensure a high quality frozen product.

    Transport and Logistics
    As an added service Three Oceans Seafood distributors Namibia will assist all potential clients with any logistical or clearing challenge that may come up. We specialise in
    • Road Transport
    • Reefer containers via ship

    Contact Information
    Please feel free to contact us at
    Cobus Croeser +26481 124 3548

    Huguette Ilunga
    +243 992 059 484 +243 820 218 789

    09/05/2019 13:56